Prospective Faculty

Kang Chiao International School offers an American-based curriculum in a supportive environment.


The staff of KCIS recognizes our program as an integral part of an international environment, where both eastern and western philosophies are taught and encouraged. We accept our responsibility for providing a comprehensive educational program, which encourages the maximum continued growth of each student.

At KCIS our dedicated faculty members promote independent learning, critical thinking and self-reflection in a nurturing and caring environment. Skilled and talented in their subject areas, KCIS teachers go beyond teaching the mastery of basic skills by embracing the principles that we hold dear: Global participation, Responsibility, Effective communication, Active achievement and True critical and creative thinking.

If you would like to be considered for a position at KCIS, please send your resume to Your application will be reviewed carefully and placed in our applicant data file for consideration for suitable positions.

Preference is given to the following academic training:

Kang Chiao International School, Xiugang Campus has been an incredible experience. We have a wonderfully supportive and encouraging administration, and a very professional, dedicated faculty. Finally, and most importantly, our students are respectful, friendly and motivated. I really love coming to work every day!

Jeremy Peterson - US Teacher

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