About World Class Tests

The World Class Tests (WCT), set up by World Class Arena, are designed and produced to identify and challenge able students under an international collaboration involving leading academics at the University of Leeds, University of Nottingham and University of Durham and advisors all over the world. They are international assessments of problem solving and mathematics for students in the upper primary and lower secondary age groups. Each test requires students to apply creative thinking and logic to respond to problems and clearly communicate their thought processes.

The tests are aimed at students in 8-11 year-old and 12-14 year-old age range. There are two parts of the test including 'mathematics' and 'problem solving'. The problem solving questions use contexts drawn from science, design technology, and mathematics, but require high level problem solving skills rather than subject knowledge. This means that students do not need to have followed a specific curriculum to do well at the problem solving test. Students need some prior knowledge for the mathematics test, but will need to be able to apply this knowledge to new situations and use deductive reasoning to solve unfamiliar problems.

The WCT in Kang Chiao is organized in cooperation of Kang Chiao and Trumptech Ltd. (Hong Kong). It is the only chance to take the international test in Taiwan. More information can be found about the WCT on the website.




Test Information

  Test Components

Each test has a paper component, and a computer component. Within the time given, students must take both components of whichever test they enter.

Subjects Components Age 8-11 Group Age 12-14 Group
Mathematics Computer-based 60 minutes 75 minutes
Paper-based 60 minutes 75 minutes
Problem Solving Computer-based 60 minutes 75 minutes
Paper-based 60 minutes 75 minutes

  Test language

World Class Tests can be taken in English or Traditional Chinese. The language is chosen at the time of application. Students will need to be able to read and understand the questions, and write their answers and explanations in the same language as the question papers.



Important Notes on Test

  Date and Venue

Date: 2015. Nov. 28th (Sat.) 9:00 ~ 16:00
  Venue: Kang Chiao Bilingual School Xiugang Campus

  Candidates Age Group

Group 12~14: DOB 2000.11.1 ~ 2003.10.31
  Group 8~11: DOB 2003.11.1 ~ 2006.10.31

The limit number of student is 120.
  The test will be cancel if the number is less than 50.


  • For Kang Chiao students: NT$ 3,600 (including test, Certificates and lunch)
  • For other school students: NT$ 4,000 (including test, Certificates and lunch)
  • The fee will not be refunded after 2015 Nov. 14th.


Candidates attained a Pass or better results will be given a Certificate. The grades are Pass, Merit and Distinction. Regardless of the test date, the Certificates are usually delivered to school in three months.


Enrichment Programmes

Candidates who get distinctions both on mathematics and problem solving will be recommend to participate following talented summer camps within 3 years:




For any enquiries concerning World Class Tests, please contact:

Kang Chiao Bilingual School / Resource Center
Miss Charlotte Tseng
Email: charlottetseng@kcis.ntpc.edu.tw