Mission Statement

Kang Chiao strives to provide a culturally stimulating environment, where diversity is celebrated and students are provided with the skills to succeed in a global society. From our Preschool through to our senior high school, Kang Chiao utilizes innovative pedagogical methods based on an international curriculum.
Our Vision:
Nurturing International Leaders, Preparing Students for a Beautiful Future.
Four Ideals:
Four Ideals
  • Experiment: Our school is an experimental institute that provides a K~12 curriculum covering a Preschool, elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school.
  • Bilingualism: Our school is a bilingual experimental school. Bilingual education is introduced in our Preschool and elementary school, and the second or third foreign language learning is introduced in the junior and senior high school years, making our institute a cradle for developing talents and competing on a global scale.
  • Field: Our school is a field and forest experimental primary and middle school, encouraging students to be close to nature, love their homeland, and develop the noble mind of loving their homes, hometown, and country.
  • Ability: We are a school that helps students develop skills that they can benefit from for life, including the skills to solve problems, access information, utilize technology, and achieve life-long learning.
Six Goals
Six Goals
  • Internationalization: Starting with the bilingual education, we help students develop a global vision and become internationally competitive.
  • Localization: Staring from a field education and aiming at the goal of localization, our goal is to help students get closer to nature and cherish the environment.
  • Consistency: Starting from joining the academic systems and aiming at the goal of consistent education, we provide an experimental curriculum that covers the Preschool, elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school, of which the curricular design, information literacy, and bilingual education are all designed to be consistent.
  • Sophistication: Starting from our beautiful campus and aiming at the goal of sophistication, our teachers, buildings, campus, facilities, and educational activities are state of the art as a way to provide a learning environment of the highest quality.
  • Technology: Starting from information education and aiming at the goal of technology, our fiber-optic network and advanced information hardware helps students develop critical skills that allow them to gather, analyze, compile, interpret, and evaluate information and solve problems.
  • Humanity: Starting from art appreciation and aiming at the goal of humanity, we develop students’ appreciation of literature, fine arts, music, and dramas, performance and creativity, and refine their artistic capabilities.