Admission Procedure

Building Student's International Competitiveness is our mission.
Admission Procedure
Joyful Childhood:
  • Enjoy the forests and mountains that surround the beautiful, spacious campus.
  • Explore and discover the joy of the countryside with our Field Education Area.
  • Enjoy diverse club activities instead of cram-schools.
  • Proficiency-based swimming lessons that develop basic swimming skills.
  • Vast library collections in Chinese and Western languages.
Solid Academic Foundation:
  • Complete bilingual education in Chinese and English, replacing stressful cram-school education.
  • Professional foreign English teachers and English-speaking environment that fully develop students' language skills.
  • Customized teaching that ensures optimal effectiveness.
  • Digital curriculum that effectively improves students' focus and performance.
  • International exchange programs that expand children's international perspective.
Diverse selection of Preparatory School courses
Sophisticated, small-sized courses
  • Bilingual Class: The dedicated BCT team works with students on preparing for the examination, and helps them get into the top-3 picks of schools they wish to enter with discipline and customized learning-guidance.
  • Elite Examination-preparation Class: Grouping of English, mathematic, and Mandarin lessons taught by renowned students gives students the key to NTU, NTHU, and NCTU.
  • Study-abroad Class: We use American senior high school curriculum and materials to prepare our students for foreign education, and enhance their performance of TOEFL, SAT, and first-year college AP courses.
Elite Curriculum that Develops Leaders

Students' independent learning is developed through research projects, a second foreign language, community services, debate programs, and career planning.

Whole-person Education that Develops both Morality and Intelligence

Kang Chiao's Whole-person Education simultaneously focuses on students' academic advancement and activities, intelligence and fitness, and artistic skills and academic capacity.

It is Time to Team up with Kang Chiao

Our academic system covers everything between a Preschool and a senior high school. Upon acceptance into our Preschool, students learn based on their aptitudes and multiple intelligence in a systematic manner, and are free from the stress of entrance examinations.