College Planning Make Easy-Inside Source for College Admissions Requorements(英)

提供線上SAT報名服務,並有許多免費的資料及練習題。Provides on-line SAT registration, mini SAT test and free analysis.
Exponents(英) 提供學生200-800分對照表,做完練習後可知道自己的程度。Contains interactive practice Math tests for pre-SAT, SAT, AP & Calculus.
Embark-College Planner-Learn about and apply to college & graduate programs(英) 需先成為免費會員,提供三個模擬測驗,馬上評分,並聯結其它SAT網站。Needs to become member first, provide free tests and analysis. Free Online Practice Exam Site(英) 提供大約100題練習題,並做每題的分析。
Provides about 100 practice tests, also provides analysis.
5000 Free SAT Vocabulary Words + SAT Test Prep Math Notes(英) 提供大約5,000經常在SAT測驗中出現的單字,值得參考及收集。A list of frequent used words in SAT exam, good for collecting. Online Test Prep(英) 提供SAT及GRE的參考資料,並有e-mail提醒你每天該準備的閱讀資料。Enroll and you can use free prep for SAT, ACT,... and Vocabulary builder.
Needs to register to take its online courses.
TestMagic Test Preparation(英) 免費的用e-mail提供練習題,範圍包括 SAT, SAT II, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL。Once registered you will get practice from e-mail.
Search for College and Universities,Graduate Schools,Online Degree,Private Schools-Peters(英) FREE Practice Test for the SAT.
SAT Prep-Prepare For the SAT(英) 提供SAT相關免費的測驗:Critical Reading、Writing Skills、Vocabulary、Math Skills;可下載「SAT 八週準備計畫 8-Week SAT prep plan 」的PDF表格,供學習者自行運用。